how to get slime out of clothes – Remove Slime From Clothing

How to get slime out of clothes – Slime. In recent years, it’s become a symbol of childhood. It is, however, the bane of all parents. Why? Because it might be difficult to remove if it gets trapped on clothing or other household surfaces. This is due to the major component of slime, which is, of course, glue. So, what’s a parent to do when their child comes to you with a mound of slime on their clothing?


 Slime is an irritating, even potentially dangerous mixture of glue, water, and dirt. One famous example is the stuff found in duct tape kits. This is the only type of slime found in commercial products.

Possibly the best-known example of slime, though, is the goo used to form household decorations.

Slime is usually made up of a mixture of water and grime, with a bit of food dye to give it some color. It is not usually made up of glue. Instead, it is often green because food dye is the easiest thing to get.

How does it get on clothing?

Slime doesn’t easily come off of clothing. As mentioned, it can be toxic, so parents should avoid letting their child play with it, though many kids manage to get slime on clothing without putting it back where they got it.

I hope now you properly understand what is slime. So lets understand how to get slime out of clothes. Before that first learn what can you do if your child gets slime on their clothes.

 What can you do if your child gets slime on their clothes?

Once the slime is on clothing, you’ll want to do what you can to remove it. If you don’t have any rubbing alcohol handy, do the following:

Wet the clothing and then shake it until all the liquid is removed. (Editor’s note: Liquids make slime sticky. If you use anything other than water to remove the slime, it will be sticky, too.)

Then wash the clothing by adding a few drops of laundry detergent to cold water and running the clothing through the washing machine. When you add the laundry detergent, use several paper towels to remove the excess water. Be sure to remove the clothing from the washing machine before putting it back on the hangers. The sludge will still be there.

Or, if you’re not able to wash the clothing, do the following:

Use a Q-tip to wipe the slime off the clothing.

Now finally we are going to explain how to get slime out of clothes. Here I will give you some tips to remove slime from clothes.


 how to get slime out of clothes – Remove Slime From Clothing. 

how to get slime out of clothes - Remove Slime From Clothing

Now, I’m going to start with a few caveats. The first is that the very small amount of slime that you’re likely to get can be easily removed with common household items. The second is that most of the slime you’ll get on clothing will be of the dry variety and will likely wash out with ordinary laundry detergent. So, with that said, let’s see how to get rid of slime from clothing.

Step 1: Determine whether you need to remove the slime from your clothes. If it’s drying or drying-type slime, like soft, dusty-looking crud, your best bet is to rub the slime off. Dryer slime, which can include crumbs, and rock-hard stuff, like dried snow, will require an extreme method to remove.

 how to get wet slime out of clothes

When it comes to getting slime out of clothing, there are a few things you should try. The first thing to do is prevent further accumulation by making sure your clothes are properly washed and dried when they are first placed in the wash. Alternatively, if you do have a particularly stubborn batch, you can try soaking your clothing in a solution of 1/2 cup of borax mixed with 4 cups of water.

Once your clothing has dried, you can try following these steps to get rid of the slime.

 how to get Dry slime out of clothes

Bleach. What does bleach do to slime? You’ll need to give it a quick whack in the chest, preferably before attempting this task. Once you’ve removed any nasty particles or the natural slime that’s accumulated on the clothing, wash it separately from your other clothes. Then, when you’ve removed the bleach water, run your clothes through a cold rinse cycle using a little detergent in the rinse cycle. This will remove any remaining water and give your clothes a good clean.

How to get Dry slime out of clothing: top tips for getting rid of slime in 3 easy steps

When you’ve made sure your clothing is clean and dry, finish the clean-up process by wiping it down with a damp cloth. If you’re just going to have a quick wash and clean up, then a couple of good wipes will do the job.

 how to get Fluffy slime out of clothes

Clean Removing Hairspray. 

The simplest way to get out sticky spots is to use a mild hairspray. Also, the sticky substance will simply melt right off clothing. Yes, it may be difficult to get out, but a combination of hairspray and scrubbing is usually effective. Additionally, hairspray tends to leave dry, but messy, residue on the cloth. This residue must be cleaned up once it is removed.

Liquid Borax

If the gel-like substance cannot be dissolved, then a mixture of borax and water is another option. Be careful, however, that the mixture doesn’t accidentally go over the edge and into your children’s eyes. Also, be careful not to put too much borax in the mix. If the mixture looks like it might be too thick, add water or borax to dilute the mixture.

 how to get Glitter to slime out of clothes. 

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Puffer Slime

In the popular scene of Puffer Slime, you find blobs of colored rubber or film-like chalk, that can collect on floors, furniture, and children’s belongings. The exact composition of this substance can vary, and kids can use any number of colorful rollers, puffs, and sticks to create the filmy substance, according to Learning Express Toys.

How to remove puffer slime from clothing

How to get Puffer to slime off of floors and furniture

A four-step guide to removing puffer slime. (LAT)

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 How to avoid getting slime on your clothes. 

 1. Ask your child to put the slime in a container or bag.

2. Take the slime to the trash.

3. Make sure the slime or any other surface is washed well with water and detergent.

4. As soon as the slime or any other surface is removed from clothing, immediately wash your child’s clothing in the hottest water possible (110 degrees F). Hot water will be much more effective in removing the slime.

5. Wash the clothing in cold water. If you have time, wash the clothing in cold water and then in hot water. This helps to loosen any remaining slime.

6. If your clothing still has slime or other undesirable substances trapped in it, wash in hot water a second time.

Preventing slime in the first place. 

 The dangers of using hot water

Hot water is a necessary ingredient in removing slime from clothing and other surfaces. Hot water will immediately dissolve any glue that is present in the slime. But what happens if hot water is not available? What if the only available tools are soap and water? How do you safely remove slime from clothing?

Here are six steps to removing slime:

Cut the sticky

To remove the sticky part of slime from clothing, you need to remove the glue from the sticky part of slime. This can be done in several ways:

Pour a good amount of dishwashing liquid into the slime. Allow the slime to sit for 30 seconds or so. When the slime is still wet, pour a little hot water on top. Allow the slime to dry.

Do this several times with several rinses of hot water in between.

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There are several methods you can use to get rid of the slime. For instance, you can shake it out with a paper towel or other cleaning cloth. Or, you can apply baking soda directly to the surface and rub it into the surface. You can also rub on some acetone or glycerin (found in shaving cream). Some slime, such as the one above, can be removed using a lighter. Another technique you can use is to soak your clothing in warm water and then scrub with your hands. This is often easier if you already have soft clothing.

Whatever you decide, a little thought will go a long way toward removing any on-your-clothing slime.

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